maandag 25 april 2011

Easter Eggs

Exciting news today about the Peregrine Falcon webcam at 55 Water Street: “We’re pleased to announce that Jubilee and Rocky’s eggs hatched this past weekend. Just in time for Easter. They are now the proud parents of 4 baby falcons,” states the update on the website operated for the building. Currently the eyasses look like a tiny bundle of fluff - and of course can only be seen when mom stretchers her legs to have a look out at the East River. Falcons have been nesting at the building since 1999 and the falconcam has offered several seasons of real-time bird watching. Jubilee has been nesting at 55 Water Street since 2008. Her mate, Rocky, has been with her for the past few years, according to the building’s birdwatchers. Meanwhile up at New York University, the NY Times’ hawkcam shows red-tailed hawks Violet and Bobby are still waiting for their three eggs to hatch.
Sinds jaar en dag volg ik deze vogels via hun live birdcam. Paasmaandag, de start van een symbolische uitbroed-timing, als een klavertje vier, een veelbelovende voorbode.

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